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The multiple advantages of using herbal supplements

Efamol BrainOn a global level, the use of herbal supplements is constantly on the rise. In the oriental cultures, herbs have been used since many centuries due to their curable nature. Now, even the Western culture is accepted their benefits and therefore, herbal supplements like Himalaya products are in high demand across the world.

Understanding herbs

An herb can be defined as a plant or a part of a plant with certain curative properties. When you combine these supplements along with a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, and ample of exercise, you can surely get exceptional benefits for your body.

Herbs can be used to treat certain conditions or improve overall well-being. As they are part of plants and plant extracts, they contain all natural ingredients. The active components in the herbal products Singapore interact and produce certain properties that seem to be therapeutic. Amongst others, these products are high in enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

Who can use these products?

They come in various forms including powder, tablets, capsules and pills which can be taken orally. Some products are also available in the form of creams and oils that can be applied locally. These herbal products Singapore are formulated in a way that they heal the body naturally from inside out. It also brings resilience to the body and toughens it.

These products do not contain any chemicals or preservatives so they assure maximum flavour and potency. Since they are chemical-free, they can be taken by people with all kinds of health conditions like depression, arthritis, anxiety, high blood sugar or high BP.

They are also used by patients suffering from cough, migraine, headaches, iron deficiency, bone loss, Alzheimer’s and digestive disorders. People use them often to treat weight loss, allergies and acne. Other curative solutions include kidney stones, back pain and constipation.

Major benefits of Herbal products

• They are 100% natural so people can use them without worrying about side effects

• Supplements like Himalaya products are of highest quality and they comply with the rules and regulations of FDA. They are also ISO 9001 certified.

• These products are comparatively cheaper than other kinds of remedies and therefore, many people can afford this treatment

• Herbal products are easily available in pharmacies, supermarkets and major health food stores. You can also shop for them online 24×7 and get them delivered to your doorstep.

• If you are buying these products online, you can view their catalogues, get detailed information about the products and their benefits and make an informed decision on the kind of herbal supplement that you want to purchase.

• These products suit all kinds of age groups and are available easily across the globe so anyone and everyone can get access to the best quality herbal supplements

While buying these products, just make sure to buy them from an authentic source so that you get the best quality at the best possible price.


The Miracles of Herbalism on one’s Health

Himalaya KapikachhuThe 21st century has witnessed the medical fraternity conducting research on various incurable diseases and furnishing innovations to reduce the incidence of fatality in the human race. Nevertheless, there are still many diseases that still await their cure through allopathic treatments. Disillusionment in this aspect has motivated a large proportion of human population to experiment with alternate medicine.

Another vital reason behind people shifting to other forms of medication is the side effects associated with the intake of allopathic medicines. As a result in recent times, one can witness a sudden increase in the popularity of several alternate forms of medicines such as homoeopathy, herbalism, and ayurveda.

The Science of Herbs

Herbalism is defined as a science involving treatment of diseases via medicine prepared from plants. Although, all herbal products are considered safe for usage as they are natural in their formulation but this does not stamp the blind usage of any brand or product. There have been incidences of herbal medicinal companies making use of steroids or certain substances such as mercury or lead that could be extremely toxic for the human body. Therefore, it is advisable to select herbal supplements that showcase the verification of USP.

Another important aspect to be remembered while taking herbal medication is prior consultation of one’s doctor, in case the individual concerned is consuming another allopathic medicine. Also, only consume the recommended dosage. An over dosage of even natural products can backfire.

Credible Brands

There are several herbal products manufactured by companies hailing from Singapore. Amongst the many reliable brands selling herbal products Singapore, the popular ones include Herbal Pharm and Herbalife. These companies have websites as well that facilitates online purchase by consumers all over the world. Herbal products Singapore are not only exceptional in quality but many come at reasonable prices as well.

Another company excelling in the field of herbal products is Himalaya. With its popularity spread over the world, Himalaya products are believed to be hundred percent natural in their formulation. The company guarantees the usage of herbs straight from the foothills of the Himalayan range in the making of their products.The purity of Himalaya products is so creditable that its range is considered safe for usage by newborns as well.

Although allopathic treatments give speedy results, many vouch for the authenticity of herbal products as well. As long as one is not blinded and resorts to rational usage, experimenting with herbal medication may prove to be worthwhile.

The Market of Herbal Products Singapore

The Singapore market has lately witnessed a tremendous growth in the sales of herbal products. Owing to the magnanimous range and influence of the mighty internet, a major fragment of the city’s population are aware of the benefits of dietary supplements. This awareness isn’t restricted to the city boundaries, and has effectively reached many nearby suburbs.

The overall market scenario of herbal products singapore is not surprising, especially considering the fact that the demand for health supplements have risen beyond conventional levels globally. Many developing nations are now an active part of the transactional market.


As mentioned above, the consumers are now more research oriented. They acknowledge the advantageous aspects of health and wellness via herbal/natural products. The invariable benefits associated with the usage of herbal supplements are as follows:

• No Side Effects (and/or less harmful)

• Cost Effective/Economic

• Health Maintenance

• Prevention of Diseases

With such irresistible benefits, the rise in sales of herbal products is an apparent pattern. The availability of certain products have become an issue in the market. The predominant reason being the popularity of the product which effectively drains out the stock from the shelves of most retailers and stores.

Reportedly, the profitable market will continue to grow in the near future. The fundamental driving factor for such a growth in the perception of consumers about herbal products being safer than standard alternatives or medicines.


The investment opportunities in the sector has attracted plenty of companies. This has resulted in an extensive flow of outgoing and incoming materials in the nation. Various collaborations, associations, acquisitions etc. have developed which essentially initiated a stiff competition in the market.

For an instance, Himalaya products have entered the market with their flagship range. Today, they enjoy the privileges of having introduced a number of bestselling herbal products in the market of Singapore. Himalaya productssuch as Himalaya Amalaki, Himalaya Ashvagandha, Himalaya Brahmi, Himalaya Karela, Himalaya Neem, and Himalaya Tulasi etc. are being sold in Singapore through various interaction points like retailers, stores, ecommerce portals etc. This has generated action among the local as well as global players who were already existent in the market.

Research & Development

Herbal products in this modern era has facilitated a vast scope for research and development. The changing consumer lifestyle is adversely affecting the lives of many individuals, not to mention the reduction in span. The average life expectancy has greatly increased with the use of herbal supplements. All the factors are redirecting plenty of funds for research development as such.

Another notable facet of the Singapore market is the dominance of international companies. It will undoubtedly take some time for the local giants to reach the likes of multinational enterprises.