The multiple advantages of using herbal supplements

Efamol BrainOn a global level, the use of herbal supplements is constantly on the rise. In the oriental cultures, herbs have been used since many centuries due to their curable nature. Now, even the Western culture is accepted their benefits and therefore, herbal supplements like Himalaya products are in high demand across the world.

Understanding herbs

An herb can be defined as a plant or a part of a plant with certain curative properties. When you combine these supplements along with a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, and ample of exercise, you can surely get exceptional benefits for your body.

Herbs can be used to treat certain conditions or improve overall well-being. As they are part of plants and plant extracts, they contain all natural ingredients. The active components in the herbal products Singapore interact and produce certain properties that seem to be therapeutic. Amongst others, these products are high in enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

Who can use these products?

They come in various forms including powder, tablets, capsules and pills which can be taken orally. Some products are also available in the form of creams and oils that can be applied locally. These herbal products Singapore are formulated in a way that they heal the body naturally from inside out. It also brings resilience to the body and toughens it.

These products do not contain any chemicals or preservatives so they assure maximum flavour and potency. Since they are chemical-free, they can be taken by people with all kinds of health conditions like depression, arthritis, anxiety, high blood sugar or high BP.

They are also used by patients suffering from cough, migraine, headaches, iron deficiency, bone loss, Alzheimer’s and digestive disorders. People use them often to treat weight loss, allergies and acne. Other curative solutions include kidney stones, back pain and constipation.

Major benefits of Herbal products

• They are 100% natural so people can use them without worrying about side effects

• Supplements like Himalaya products are of highest quality and they comply with the rules and regulations of FDA. They are also ISO 9001 certified.

• These products are comparatively cheaper than other kinds of remedies and therefore, many people can afford this treatment

• Herbal products are easily available in pharmacies, supermarkets and major health food stores. You can also shop for them online 24×7 and get them delivered to your doorstep.

• If you are buying these products online, you can view their catalogues, get detailed information about the products and their benefits and make an informed decision on the kind of herbal supplement that you want to purchase.

• These products suit all kinds of age groups and are available easily across the globe so anyone and everyone can get access to the best quality herbal supplements

While buying these products, just make sure to buy them from an authentic source so that you get the best quality at the best possible price.


Ensuring Vitamin Intake for your Kids with

equazen_eye_q_capsules_180For Singapore based customers looking for a reliable online store catering in high quality health supplements, offers an extensive inventory of vitamins and minerals for people of all ages. Whether one is looking for kid’s fish oil or B12 and D3 supplements for adults, this website is a reliable source to find the best quality supplements for the entire family.

Fish oil for children and other supplements are made available at extremely affordable prices with convenient delivery options right at the doorstep. has invested significant time to create an impressive inventory effective vitamins and health supplements from brands around the world.

A spokesperson from said, “With diminishing quality of fruits and vegetables, it is becoming increasingly challenging for parents to provide good quality food to their children. Diseases and illnesses due to lack of nutrition intake is becoming a norm, hereby demanding alternative methods through which children gain access to the right health supplements. At we cater to this need gap by providing high quality supplements for children as well as adults.”

Kids’ fish oil and other such orders above $100 are delivered right at the customer’s door steps at no additional cost. Among the other popular children’s health supplements, bestsellers include the Seven Seas Haliborange Kids Multivitamins with Calcium and Iron. Ideal for children between 3 and 12 years of age, these supplements come with a delicious natural orange flavor. Furthermore, if your child is allergic to wheat, yeast or gluten one can be rest assured that the supplements are allergen free. Furthermore, these supplements are safe for children since they contain no artificial colors or flavors.

With the availability of such chewable tablets, parents are able to make sure that their children’s diet consists of the requisite intake of iron, calcium and other vitamins and minerals. The content in such supplements help make sure that the food sufficiently turns into energy and keeps the children active and healthy all day.

On parents can also find a host of other soft jelly pastilles that come with a specially formulated range of vitamins that help ensure sufficient nutritional intake for children between 4 and 12 years of age. In addition to providing 10 vitamin supplements in one chewable tablet, children also get the necessary intake of flaxseed oil and malt that provides sufficient dosage of antioxidant vitamin E.

Over the years, has grown to become the leading portal for health supplements for family members of all ages.

The Miracles of Herbalism on one’s Health

Himalaya KapikachhuThe 21st century has witnessed the medical fraternity conducting research on various incurable diseases and furnishing innovations to reduce the incidence of fatality in the human race. Nevertheless, there are still many diseases that still await their cure through allopathic treatments. Disillusionment in this aspect has motivated a large proportion of human population to experiment with alternate medicine.

Another vital reason behind people shifting to other forms of medication is the side effects associated with the intake of allopathic medicines. As a result in recent times, one can witness a sudden increase in the popularity of several alternate forms of medicines such as homoeopathy, herbalism, and ayurveda.

The Science of Herbs

Herbalism is defined as a science involving treatment of diseases via medicine prepared from plants. Although, all herbal products are considered safe for usage as they are natural in their formulation but this does not stamp the blind usage of any brand or product. There have been incidences of herbal medicinal companies making use of steroids or certain substances such as mercury or lead that could be extremely toxic for the human body. Therefore, it is advisable to select herbal supplements that showcase the verification of USP.

Another important aspect to be remembered while taking herbal medication is prior consultation of one’s doctor, in case the individual concerned is consuming another allopathic medicine. Also, only consume the recommended dosage. An over dosage of even natural products can backfire.

Credible Brands

There are several herbal products manufactured by companies hailing from Singapore. Amongst the many reliable brands selling herbal products Singapore, the popular ones include Herbal Pharm and Herbalife. These companies have websites as well that facilitates online purchase by consumers all over the world. Herbal products Singapore are not only exceptional in quality but many come at reasonable prices as well.

Another company excelling in the field of herbal products is Himalaya. With its popularity spread over the world, Himalaya products are believed to be hundred percent natural in their formulation. The company guarantees the usage of herbs straight from the foothills of the Himalayan range in the making of their products.The purity of Himalaya products is so creditable that its range is considered safe for usage by newborns as well.

Although allopathic treatments give speedy results, many vouch for the authenticity of herbal products as well. As long as one is not blinded and resorts to rational usage, experimenting with herbal medication may prove to be worthwhile.

The Innovative and Unique Recipe for Health

equazen_eye_q_capsules_180In today’s competitive world, where each one is competing to surpass the other; if there is one thing that suffers in the bargain, it is our body. The physical and mental pressures take their toll on our being, which in turn leads to general fatigue and ailments. In proportion to the pressures faced by one and all, companies dealing in alternate medicine are flooding the market with several remedies so as to combat the day to day medical problems.

Build Your Immunity

Bio-Strath Elixir is one such solution provided by herbalism. Clinical experiments have authenticated this formula that aims towards rejuvenation of mind and body. This is concoction prepared from a special herbal yeast is believed to have a strengthening effect on our immune system. It not only prevents exposure to cold and flu, but also facilitates recovery from several diseases.

The elixir can ward off several common health issues and day-to-day ailments, like:

 • Fatigue and tiredness

• Poor concentration

• Poor physical performance

The good news is that you do not necessarily have to be sick to take this elixir; anyone can take to this formula for general well-being and to keep routine fatigue away. This herbal medicine is rated safe for the intake of children of three years and above, especially beneficial for those with the improper dietary habits. It is free of artificial flavouring agents, colour ants, preservatives and synthetic ingredients.

Another set of product gaining fast popularity in today’s busy life our food supplements. Although these products can never actually replace a real meal, their consumption is aimed at supplementing an improper diet. Some of the ingredients in these supplements include vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes and fibre. It would be advisable to consult your healthcare provider before commencing with the intake of the same.

Food for the Brain

A dietary ingredient rated high in the medical scenario is fish oil. This oil is considered to be a natural reservoir of the Omega-3 fatty poly unsaturated oil. It is also known to be rich in Vitamin A. In terms of children, fish oil is a major source of DHA that is mandatory for their brain development. Fish is the natural source of the DHA but most children fail to consume it sufficiently. Therefore, in order to ensure proper cognitive development of your child, it would be advisable to take to this supplement.

Omega -3 is also believed to be significant in the treatment of serious medical conditions such as autism and epilepsy. Even depression particularly seen in the teenage years can be reduced by the consumption of this oil. Although there are several brands dealing in fish oil for children, it is best for parents to opt for food supplements that are manufactured by reputed and renowned companies.

Boosting Growth with Supplements

Haliborange-Kids-Multivitamins-Calcium--Iron-6569We adults are very often under the misconception that the need of supplements arises in our diet only at certain age. Yes, it is definitely true that we follow hectic regimes owing to our professional and personal constraints. Nevertheless one cannot undermine, the stress faced by children in today’s times. Be it achieving those cent percent marks in a school exam or excelling in the co-curricular scenario; the children of today are fighting a new battle every day. At this note, you may consider yourself to be a very devoted mother taking immense care of all nutritional needs of your loved one but this article may make you ponder over the same.

Why use Supplements?

Under normal circumstances, a well balanced diet ensures appropriate intake of vitamins and minerals. An adequate proportion of these nutrients are a must for the human body especially in the formative years so as to fulfil the requirements of proper growth, digestion, metabolism, immunity and brain function. However despite our best efforts, these requirements remain unfulfilled owing to adulteration in the food sector. This brings us to the need of incorporating health supplements in our daily diet.

Supplements for Children

In the domain of child healthcare, the brand name of Haliborange stands apart. Manufacturing under the umbrella of Seven Seas, Haliborange provides supplements for your child from the age of one month to 13 years. Incorporate Haliborange kid multivitamins in your child’s daily routine and let all health worries disappear into thin air. Whether it is physical growth or mental faculties; these multivitamins take care of all aspects of nutritional needs. This brand comes with the added advantage of delicious flavours such as citrus, orange and strawberry that puts to rest the aversion factor often faced with the intake of multivitamins in this age group.

One of the latest products of this brand in the kid’s multivitamin range comes with the benefit of Omega-3 as well. These fruit softies are so delicious; your child will be left craving for more. There is a word of caution for vegetarians and vegans. This brand may not be suitable for this section of the populace as a large majority of its products incorporate gelatine derived from beef.

Another product that is essential for child health is fish oil. The Omega-3 found in fish oil is regarded to be cardinal for a child’s brain development. Your child may especially be requiring an Omega-3 supplement if he or she has poor dietary habits. Certain research papers reveal the importance of omega-3 in the domain of autism, epilepsy and issues of depression arising in the adolescent years. The market is loaded with varieties of children’s fish oil. It is best to opt for a brand such as Haliorange that is reliable, safe and reputable.

The Growing Demand of Phytomedicine Better Known as Herbal Remedies

Eye Q chew 180Phytomedicine generally uses the seeds, berries and roots of saplings to create remedies. Parts like leaves, the bark and even flowers of trees have lots of medicinal applications that are only just being explored. When it comes to the intake of botanicals, as substitutes for nutrients you probably know that plants are quite commonly used. They have several medicinal purposes that have lead to them being regulated as medications.

Since the supplements treat a variety of issues like asthma, eczema and premenstrual syndromes to rheumatoid arthritis or even weight gain, you need to be careful about what you consume. Quite contrary to popular belief herbal products from Singapore are indeed regulated by the FDA. The only thing is that they do not qualify as drugs or foods; instead they are known as dietary supplements.

• The Risk

One of the main reasons people opt for herbal products Singapore offers is to make sure that their supplement intake is free from fillers and pesticides. This is a very real concern when people tend to buy supplements for everything from migraines to insomnia. You need to know that what you’re consuming is safe and will not have an adverse effect on your health.

• Knowing the Brands you can Trust

Often individuals remain unsure about identifying high-quality supplements; they should trust their instincts and go for reputed brands in the business. This is because well-known companies work to give their customers’ high-quality, organic goods that have been sustainably produced. There will be no fear as Himalaya products and a few others have a reputation to protect.

Furthermore, you can always talk to your doctor or pharmacist and cross verify with them before taking any pills.

• Consumption Methods

Botanical medicine used in Himalaya products can be consumed in a variety of ways. While some herbs are offered in the form of teas, syrups and oils; there are others that come in a liquid extract, tinctures or even dry pills. Depending on what type of product you’re using you can drink it as a tea after soaking the extract for a while or boiling it in water. You may also mix the powder in food and gobble it, but you need to read the instructions on the box.

If you wish to embrace this long lost traditional option that lies beyond the realm of conventional medicine, you can do so quite easily by going with reliable brands. You may be pleasantly surprised by all the benefits you derive.

Why Children Today are in Dire Need of Vitamin Substitutes

WellTeenA balanced diet that is full of vitamins and nutrients is essential for the proper growth and development of your ward. Ideally, all children should get iron and calcium from healthy meals that they consume during the course of a day. However, this is not always possible as often both parents are working and remain too busy to see to the nutrition needs of their wards along with every other aspect of their life.

In cases where parents are inclined towards providing their kids with plenty of fruits and yogurt in their diet; the kids seem to hate these products. It is not uncommon for kids to throw tantrums and avoid milk and dairy products along with leafy, green vegetables. It can be exceedingly difficult for parents to see that children receive due nutrition in such cases.

• Substitutes for Nutrients

All humans need to consume proteins like chicken, fish, meat, and eggs along with a well balanced meal of whole grains. Children especially need steel-cut oats and brown rice as a part of their lunch or dinner. Time-crunched parents fail to offer their kids home-cooked meals and choose store bought options instead. They go for easy to find junk food instead, which is mostly deep fried.

These aren’t healthy at all and therefore, Paediatricians ask parents to for health supplements. They give your ward a daily multivitamin dose that is a great alternative to the minerals they need.

• Kids Who Need Them

These are perfect for children who make a fuss and refuse to eat well-balanced meals. These supplements work well for kids who simply aren’t eating enough as well. Health supplements can be taken by young ones suffering from chronic medical conditions like asthma or digestive problems too. When your ward is taking a large dose of medicines each day, it becomes necessary to add in mineral supplements, so that the kids can stay strong all through. Overeaters and even students who play a lot of strenuous sports require other forms of nutrients as well.

Haliborange kid multivitamins are particularly beneficial for active youngsters who binge on junk food. Pizzas, burgers, aerated sodas, flavoured, candied donuts and even ice creams count as unhealthy eatables. Such edibles end up leaching young bodies of their vitamins and minerals, which is what ends up harming them in the first place.Protect the well-being of your ward and offer him/her proper nutrients in the form of substitutes so their bodies and minds can properly grow.